What is Go Board Game?

The “Go Board Game” is known as “weiqí” to the Chinese, “igo” or “go” to the Japanese, and “baduk” to the Korean and is known for being a game of fun and learning.

The Game of “Go” or “Weiqi” is highly intellectual board game, developed in China more than 3000 years ago. Besides being one of the oldest board game known to man; is also considered as one of the most complex and challenging board game. And is most probably still played by millions worldwide in its original form today.

It is considered more complex than the Chinese Chess, fun and intellectual game to play.

It is normally played on a standard board with grids of 19 x 19 lines. Although it is played… Continue reading

Chinese Go

The game of Chinese Go is called Weiqi in Mandarin. There a couple of
different theories on the history of the game Go and how it was originated. One
theory is that it was invented by an Emperor who wanted to increase his son’s
mental faculties and so devised a game to do so. Another theory is that it was
developed by court astrologers during the Chou dynasty (1045-255 BC).

Chinese Go is the world’s oldest board game, and is at least 3,000 to 4,000
years old. Weiqi was called Go when it was imported to Japan roughly 1200 years
ago. Playing the game Go improves your strategy and your memory skills, much
like Chess. Some schools in Asia even teach Go to help their… Continue reading

Go Board Game – Simple Rules But Complex Strategy!

Bright lights, movement, flashy colors and sound seem to draw a big audience in this day and age. The more complex it is, the more levels to conquer the more people will isolate themselves and play in a cavernous room with the deafening sounds associated with the electronic games. However, things that are old are new once again. The challenge of a game that makes you ‘think’ rather than testing your hand eye coordination. The Go Board Game is one that is so very simple in terms of the rules however you need to be a thinker to be successful enough to beat your opponent.

Designed for play with two players, the Go Board Game was developed thousands of years ago in China. The goal… Continue reading

The Go Board Game – Why it is Awesome

Go, also known as igo, baduk, weiqi or wei-chi is the oldest board game in the World, dating back to around 2300 B.C. The go board game has multiple health benefits and is overall just a fun game to play. The rules of go are simple, but the amounts of strategies and ways to play are practically endless. Read on to find out more about go, why you should learn it, and where to learn baduk.

Go has for a long time been popular in Japan, Korea and China, but it’s popularity has been rapidly growing in the rest of the World for the last 50 years. Today, there are thousands of people playing the go board game game online, so no matter where you… Continue reading

Go: A 4,000 Year Old Chinese Strategy Game

Go is an ancient board game invented in China almost 4,000 years ago, and is played by millions of players all across the world. Go goes by many names. It is called “Baduk” in Korea and “Weiqi” in China. It is a national sport in many Asian countries, where professional players face off against one another in highly competitive tournaments where the winner takes home large cash prizes.

Go is one of the world’s most popular board games, with millions of players in Asia of all ages. While Go has been known in the West since the late 1800’s, when a German chemist named Oscar Korschelt wrote about the game in the German magazine “The German Society of East Asian Art and Culture” after visiting… Continue reading

Top 7 Reasons to Play the Board Game GO

Not all board games are created equally. Some have feature and benefits that others lack, and vice-versa of course. Here we answer the age old question – why play ‘Go’?

1/ There will be a winner declared every time you play. Some board games can go on forever depending on how it’s played. Hours of playing Risk, Monopoly and you end with counting up who has the most ‘stuff’ in the end. The game of chess I have seen played for hours as well, with some ending in stalemates where there is no next move. Being able to make decisions, actions and someone walk away as being victorious over the other without taking days or months is a good thing. It makes it simple to… Continue reading

Have You Played the Board Game Go?

If you are in the market for a game that will keep your family busy for hours on end, throughout the years, then you may want to try the board game Go. Although you have probably played this many times in your life, you may not recognize the name because it goes under many different names.

What Is the Board Game Go?

The board itself looks like a giant grid and because this is a two-player game, there are only two colors of playing pieces, which are small discs. Most games have these discs as black and white as they are easier to see. The idea of the game is to take over as much of the board as possible by surrounding your opponent’s pieces.… Continue reading

Why the Board Game Go Is So Popular

Few games in the world have withstood the test of time quite like the board game Go has. People have been challenging opponents to this game of strategy, balance, and skill for centuries. While it originated in the Eastern world, it has now grown in popularity in the Americas, European countries, and beyond, too. So just what is it about this particular game that has given it the lasting power to remain popular across the generations, the centuries, and the oceans, too? Here are a few things to consider:

Skill Level: While there are numerous variations, generally, the board game Go is played on a board that is sectioned off into squares, and by laying pieces onto this board, you gain more and more control… Continue reading

The Chinese Game Go – 5 Tips For Becoming Stronger!

The Chinese game of go is an interesting game that is growing in popularity throughout the world. Here are 5 tips for beginners on how to become stronger at the Chinese game go.

  1. Play in the biggest areas. As written in the most ancient of go documents, playing in the big open areas is the most beneficial in the Chinese game go. Although it may look like you get more points by playing your stones close to each other, building a framework will pay off. Also know that the biggest areas on the board are the corners, then the sides, and the center last. This is because it takes the least amount of moves to surround the corner, and the most to surround the… Continue reading

Learn How to Play the Go Board Game

A popular game in eastern Asia for over 2500 years, the Go board game is famous for being strategically complex despite its simple rules. The goal of the game is to capture the most territory and opponent pieces.

The Go Game Board And Pieces

The game of Go is traditionally played on a board marked with a grid of 19 x 19 lines. Unlike chess or checkers, Go is played on the intersection of the grid lines, not on the squares created by the grid. The intersections are called “points”. Intermediate and beginner game boards are made with 13 x 13 or 9 x 9 grids.

Go is played with pieces called stones. Stones are round and disk-shaped and are made of many different materials.… Continue reading